RadCases Help

Welcome to RadCases Help! Here you'll find some assistance to get you started, as well as technical support.


The search feature is a powerful way to find specific cases you may want to work on. For example, perhaps you don't read a lot of cardiac MRI at your institution. If you click on the cardiac system and MRI modality your results will be cases with cardiac MRI.

Search Tips:

  • Clicking the "VIEW ALL RESULTS" button near the bottom center of the search results page will allow you to work through all the cases that meet your search criteria.

  • Clicking on a specific image will take you just to that case.

  • Searching by differential diagnosis will return results where the specific diagnosis is one of the three on the differential list. It may not be the specific diagnosis for the case. As you start typing diagnoses will begin to appear. You can click on the suggestion to place it in the search box. If there are no search results with that particular diagnosis, try your search again using a different name.

  • You can search across all of the cases you own. So if you own both cardiac and interventional, and you search for trauma cases, you will get case results from both specialties.

  • Checking the Critical box will filter your search to only give you cases where the patient has a serious problem that you need to identify quickly and make sure you rapidly communicate the results to the referring physician. Missing a critical case in Louisville will also put your chances of passing the section in serious doubt. Know these cases!

  • Checking the Atypical box will filter your search to only give you cases with an unusual presentation. For example, it is pretty easy to diagnose FNH when you have a bull's-eye lesion in the liver. What would you look for though in cases without this typical lesion?