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Use this handy glossary to learn what the icons represent.

Clinical PresentationClinical Presentation. The reason for the imaging study. This may not be available for all cases, just like real life.

Further WorkupFurther workup. Additional diagnostic imaging generally done as a result of needing additional information to diagnosis the case. The new study is typically separated in time from the first study and frequently is a different modality. There may not be any.

Imaging FindingsImaging Findings. What should you be seeing? The key to diagnosing the case.

Differential DiagnosisDifferential Diagnosis. What disease could be causing the patients problem? We give you up to three and the first one is always the correct diagnosis.

Essential FactsEssential Facts. Important information you might like to know, generally about the diagnosed disease, but might also include essential information about the modality or test conducted.

Other imaging findingsOther Imaging Findings. Two things happen here. First, less common findings that may be in a study but typically not. Second, what you might see if you used another modality other than the one used in the case.

Pearls & PitfallsPearls & Pitfalls. Pearls are tips or tricks that generally make you look good. Pitfalls are tips on avoiding problems.

Further Readings Further Readings. Start here when you want more information about the diagnosis.

Mastered Mastered. This is a flag you can attach to cases that you completely understand and don't want to see again. They will "disappear" from your case list. You can bring them up again by searching for them using the search tool. Click on the icon once to flag a case as mastered, click on it again to remove the flag.

RevisitRevisit. This is just the opposite of mastered. Clicking once on this icon identifies the case as one you think is difficult. These cases will continue to come up in random searches and you can use the search tool to put together all the cases you need to revisit.

SearchSearch. Takes you to a screen where you can search for all types of cases filtered by selecting options, i.e. sex, age, system, modality, etc.

Select by Case NumberSelect by Case Number. Takes you to a screen where you can select cases by case number.

SearchShow Case Number. This icon allows you to show/hide the case number of the case you are reviwing.

ArrowsArrows.These icons allow you to go to the next case or go back to the previous one.

HomeHome. Returns you to the home page.

FeedbackFeedback. This brings you to a contact form. We love praise but would also really appreciate your letting us know if you are having a problem so we can correct it. We would also like you here your suggestions for how to improve the site.

Full screenFull screen. Click this to get instructions on how to make the viewer full screen.

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