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Thieme Quick Facts:

• A leading publisher in neurosurgery, otolaryngology, radiology, and orthopedic surgery

• Offices in New York, Stuttgart, and Delhi

• More than 800 books in print with over 70 new publications each year

• Thieme books are easily recognizable by their distinctive blue and silver covers

• The Seminar Series – highly successful journals in a single-topic format

Synthesis and Synlett -- market-leading organic chemistry journals

• Thieme won first place for Clinical Medicine in the annual Assocaition of American Publishers competition in 2006, and 2007, and second place prizes in 2005 and 2007 (See complete list of awards!)

Historical Timeline

1886: Georg Thieme founds publishing house of the same name in Leipzig, Germany

1887: Acquisition of weekly medical trade journal Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift – DMW which celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2000 and ranks among the oldest German medical publications

1896: Publication of Roentgen’s famous picture of his wife’s hand in the Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift

1911: Publication of the two-volume collected edition ‘The Methods of Organic Chemistry’. Later, the 130 part set became known as the Houben-Weyl series and published its 5th edition in 2000 as ‘Science of Synthesis’ and is now an online database

1919: Publisher Georg Thieme looks for a business partner and finds him in the young Bruno Hauff, who joins the company as associate on September 1st of the same year

1925: Georg Thieme dies at the age of 65, ownership of the company passes to Bruno Hauff.

1944: The publishing house is bombed and is forced to close completely

1946: The Allies offer to move the company from Leipzig, the eastern sector, to the western sector. The company moves to Stuttgart and is provided a license to publish and distribute journals, brochures and books.

1953: Dr. Guenther Hauff becomes the company’s owner and CEO

1963: Bruno Hauff dies

1964: With Professor Wilhelm Nultsch’s work "Allgemeine Botanik," Thieme publishes its first pocket-sized soft cover book, referred to as the "Flexibook series," setting not only a new standard for quality but also for low price.

1979: Thieme expands its international business by acquiring Stratton Intercontinental Medical Book Corporation of New York, which becomes Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc of New York in 1984. The company begins publishing books and journals from its New York office as well as importing titles from its sister company in Stuttgart.

1989: Dr. Albrecht Hauff, son of Guenther and grandson of Bruno, becomes CEO of the Thieme Publishing Group

1992: Dr. Wolfgang Knueppe joins the group as managing director

1997: Launch of www.thieme.com, first medical publisher with secure online product purchasing

1998: Agreement with AO Publishing - Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Osteosynthesefragen

1999: Thieme’s classic brain atlases are digitized and incorporated in the operative planning software of neurosurgical workstations

1999: Launch of www.thieme-connect.com, Thieme’s Online Journals provide access to Thieme's complete journal program.

2000: Launch of Science and Synthesis

2001: Dr. Guenther Hauff dies at the age of 73

2002: Launch of MVS Medizinverlage Stuttgart (Haug, Hippokrates, Sonntag, Enke, Parey, TRIAS)

2002: Agreement with the AANS

2003: Agreement with the American Botanical Council

2005: The first book publishes in the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy series. The atlases are setting new standards in artistic quality and pedagogy in medical education.

2007: Thieme Publishers Delhi opens in India

2007: Thieme consolidates the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy series into one comprehensive Atlas called Atlas of Anatomy, which lauches Thieme into the medical student market.

2008: Using images from the popular Atlas of Anatomy, Thieme launches an online interactive study aid called WinkingSkull.com, where students can study Anatomy free of cost.

2008: Launch of Thieme Teaching Assistant Anatomy, an online platform where professors can incorporate images from the Atlas of Anatomy into their lectures.

2009: Thieme relaunches e-commerce store, www.thieme.com.

2009: Thieme greatly expands its digital catalog by relaunching the Thieme ebook library.